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Rude, provocative, rebellious, anti-stablishment

Jan 20, 2021

Vital, energetic, rebellious, and subversive, qualifiers that could well define Rock and Roll, beyond a pose or a topic but that actually, describe and mean this record entitled "Bam Bam”. A record from a band called King Kong Blues, whose main true flag is attitude, because as is well known, without attitude there is no Rock and Roll.

Gehiago irakurri

The Blues Morning Singers

Dec 28, 2020

It is said that knowing the path is not walking the path, much less when it comes to such a winding and meandering as the Blues path.  

Gehiago irakurri

Just one man and his guitar playing the Blues

Aug 31, 2020

Guitarist, singer and composer besides being the leader of The Romantics. Iker Piris has been accustoming us to exquisitely executed and produced recordings, plagued by Blues, R´n´ B, and Funk where not only his virtuosity as a guitarist was already manifested, but he also made clear a knowledge about all these genres outside of the common.  Restless and indefatigable he has collaborated with countless artists over the years, becoming one of the most active musicians of the genre throughout the country.

Solo (Alone) recording : A musician´s trip back to the essence recreating the archetype of a Bluesman.

Gehiago irakurri

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